How about only $77 for the Proven Best Sellers PLR Package if we remove the Fitness Firesale?

This is another way of us saying "Thank You"...

We understand that the Fitness niche may not be a market you want to go into. It is a very lucrative market, and that is why we sold an amazing licensing deal in that space. However, for you we are willing to slash $70, and offer you the PLR to our best selling Internet marketing niche courses!

In addition to selling these products, using them as bonuses, or making them into upsells you can also learn from them. That is worth more than the price of this entire upgrade opportunity.

You will receive PLR to our 86 video No Cost Income Stream course, our Low Cost Income Stream course, our No Cost Income Stream Blueprints which consists of 86 PDFs with Word Documents, our popular IM Tech 2.0 course with PLR, and our Simple List Building Blueprint video course!

This is a great investment in your education, and therefore in your business. The PLR that comes with these products simply make it an easy decision because you can resell these for 100% profits, and use them in membership sites or as upsells to the main Proven Profit Package products!

It's as simple as that.

Thanks again for your business, and we look forward to your success story.



Jeff Wellman, Eric Holmlund, and Paul Counts
"The Real Guys"

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Proven Best Sellers Package B

Proven Best Sellers Package B

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No thanks. I will pass and go download my package WITHOUT the No Cost Income Stream 89 Video Course responsible for millions in sales, WITHOUT the 86 ebook No Cost Income Stream Blueprint package, WITHOUT the popular IM Tech 2.0 course, WITHOUT the Simple Listbuilding Blueprint video course, and WITHOUT  the Private Label Rights to our best selling products so you can sell them along with learn from them at the same time. I know I'll never be given this opportunity ever again and I'm OK with that. I also understand that I will not be able to come back to this page. I wish all the luck to those that grab this offer and will make money with it. I am ready to pass on all this.

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